December 23 . . . a Wednesday

This is the last day of work before a four day weekend.  Whoo hooo!  We get to wear jeans to work today.  I really just need to get through this day.  Having a vacation day the day before I am feeling behind and I really have a need to catch up before I'm gone another four days.

I had to answer the phones over the lunch hour.  The break room is usually full of goodies as gifts, but it has been limited this year.  However, I found the other offices were hiding a few cookies when I went to do the phones.  Ah!  This one was amazing.  The little bits of candy can were soooo small and the inside was a mint chocolate wafer.
I also ate a gingerbread man and I realized that right after I took this photo, I picked it up and bit its head off.  Oooops! I brought it down from my mouth and saw what I had done.  I usually never eat the head first.  I shared it on social networking and Hubby replied on Twitter that he usually eats the head first so he doesn't have to look into his eyes while he finishes him off! Yum! lol

My bosses went together and bought me 5 bottles of wine for a gift!  Isn't that sweet!  The bag is pretty cool too.  This should last me a few months!

We went grocery shopping after work to get what we had planned with our son for Christmas dinner.  We planned it while we were eating out the other day.

I had the cleaning job tonight too.

We were exhausted by the time we settled down and I was just glad to be home.  We watched t.v. with our new Roku gift and at one point I realized both girls were sitting with hubby.  Uh?  They almost never do that!  I couldn't figure that one out.  I had a cure though.  Bad me.  I said "mamma's gotta go potty" and they both jumped down and gave me full attention.  See, it works no matters whose lap they are on!


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