Digital Scrapbooking Bead Tutorial & Free Download

Lesson 49 of the Designer Class is a tutorial for creating beads in Photoshop.  Yes, we all love those realistic beads that are scanned in, but do you have the skills to create one from nothing?  There is a free download on the class guide page which I created while filming the video.

I made these November 20, 2010! So many years ago already!


wvsandy said…
Cute beads. Thanks for sharing.
Hot Pink Pansy said…
Adorable, thank you so much. I just started getting you newsletter and I'm so grateful for your amazing work. You're sooo generous. May the Lord bless you always. Hugs, Andi
anitab said…
Thank you, Hummie! I always find your items to be extremely useful, so I know it will be the same with these!

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