Important DigiHop News

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - The Digihop's url is expiring early next year. The participation has been too low over the last two years for me to pay for the cost of continuing the url. I plan to continue the DigiHop as I have time, but it is moving to my blog. All the posts have already been moved. They are located on a new blog label which is linked at the top of the blog:

The Facebook page will be deleted also and everything will continue to run under my Facebook page, so please unlike the hop's Facebook page and like my page: Hummie's World to follow the DigiHop into 2016.


Liza Guitte said…
Link is already invalid
Hummie B said…
The url is pointing to this blog label now so people can find the new location during the transition before the url is gone.
Cintia said…
My participation is ready! I was so busy by the end of the year, but I am ready to jump in again!! Hugs everyone!
Hummie B said…
Whooo hooo! Glad to know one other is joining me. This round it begins at the end of the month to give us plenty of time to design... or me plenty of time as I need it!
Thanks so much Everyone for your wonderful gifts this month =)

Sorry I missed taking part... see you all next time =)

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