New Year's Eve

We made an impromptu decision to spend money for a night on the train in Jackson.  We stopped at the sign as we were boarding. This is a lot of money for us, but we want to enjoy life too and not just sit at home all the time.  I'd be content with friends over for cards or games, but we don't know who to invite.  

The train is a dinner with a murder mystery and fireworks at midnight.  We are allowed to bring our own alcoholic drinks.  I was rather disappointed that the table next to us had put their coolers in one bench of our table and when we sat down we had to sit on the same side and wonder whose coolers they were, whether they were for the guests on the train or the table next to us.  It was difficult to carry on a conversation not being able to look at each other and instead stare at everyone else on the train.  I think the staff knew it was the next tables and they should have moved it.  It sort of messed up our evening a bit.  

The train took off at 8 p.m. and we did not arrive back until 12:40 a.m., so it was a long time to sit in these benches that were hard on our backs.

The murder mystery was done by volunteers and they did a good job, but much of it was reading from paper and it was hard to listen with other people talking around us.  There was no real acting, although some of the characters were a a lot of fun when they interacted with the guests.  They talked, with breaks, while we were eating.  After dinner was over they walked up and down the isles and we were to ask them questions, but I had no idea what to ask them in order to guess who done it.  There were too many characters to learn.

Later in the evening they continued to try to make it fun by other activities, such as taking the microphone around and talking we every single person.  I did not want to talk in the microphone and it all seemed awkward for me.  I would have preferred just listening to the ones that did want to banter on the microphone and let the others alone.  

They also had each car do the 12 days of Christmas song with different people singing each verse and someone trying to keep up by running the microphone all around.

At the very end they sang random songs and that was kind of fun.

The rain as decorated for Christmas and the lights and decorations were festive. We at least could take selfies since we were sitting next to each other because of the stupid coolers of the rude people in the next table.

The food was good though.  Hubby did not like the sweet taste of the green beans though.

There were hats and beads at the table and we made the most of it and did more selfies.

Hubby decided to take off his glasses for this one.  Wearing our merriment. Oh the merrymakers! 2016! Bring it on!

This was dessert.  It doesn't look like much, but it did taste good and I did not really need any more food to stuff myself.

There were three train cars.  We were in the first one.  The first and middle ones were built in 1925 and the third one was built about 1945.  It was an adventure to walk through the three cars with them moving as they were only linked together from the outside, but they had something thrown over in between the cars so you could walk on them, although it was moving and scary. 

The bathrooms were on the third car and you walked into a tiny room with a sink and two small stools and a small table.  Inside that room was a door to a tiny bathroom with hardly enough room to pull down your pants or turn around.  To flush there was a bar on the floor to push down with the foot.

This car apparently is the best in the summer because it is air conditioned, but it was so cold and not heated this night.  The chairs were more comfortable and no one was in this car so we sat down for a while to take a break from our tight squeeze at our table.

I loved the lights and the bells in the third car.

Finally, after about 3 or more hours, I got up the nerve to ask main staff lady about the coolers and she immediately moved them and apologized saying she should have done it earlier.  My neck was crinked from trying to turn to look at hubby.  I wish I would have asked earlier.  We had brought our small checker game and got it out to play a few games.

We stopped along the tracks at midnight and they counted down and we blue the provided noise makers and watched the fireworks that were on the ground outside the train.  The fireworks in the distance in the city seemed more fascinating to me, but it was still fun.


Tammy said…
Happy New Year to two of my favorite people!! Looks like you guys had an awesome time. :)

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