Organizing and Tagging Digital Scrapbooking in OneNote

The Fun Extras Lesson Guide 96 has two tutorials, one of which shares how I organize my digital scrapbooking supplies and tag them in OneNote.  I love this system and someday I will get all mine organized this way.  If I would stop doing new tutorials and content, I might have time to get this done.  I still struggle with knowing where my supplies are located and this is the system I would use if I could find the time.  There seems to be a problem with the linking in the newer OneNote and honestly, I don't think I need the linking.  I just need to know where each kit is located and then I can manually go and find it.  Just being able to see all the previews and have tags is what is important to me.  I keep saying I need to do a follow-up video and I still hope to do so.


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