Our Christmas card layout to you! - 3rd Annual Dog Photo Shoot

Christmas Dogs 2015A

Presenting our 3rd annual Ria & Tizzy Merry Christmas to you! (version 2 coming soon because we had two cute photos). Oh, the things we did to stage this! And the girls were soooooooooooo good and cooperative for such a long time, just to bring you this silver bells and snow balls smile today! Yes, this IS my sled from when I was young and rode it down that amazing hill on the commons behind Gladiator Street in Fenton, Missouri. Can you believe I still have it?
(Credits to Vicki Robinson Happy Holidays kit and Vinnie Pearce freebies)

Below are photos to share with you how we staged this.
First we put the sled on the couch over a white blanket and then the red blanket on the back of the couch.  We hung a rod from the plant hook and then hung snowflakes and silver bells from the rod.  Then we randomly threw out fake snowballs and silver bells. 
That would have worked great and looked so much better than the mess we ended up with!  I struggled with the light coming in the window and washing out the photo, so I had to stand with my back to the window which made us have to take things off the shelf to spread the blanket over the shelf and also up and tucked into the window.  We had to add a third white blanket too.

We also strung smaller silver bells and tied them around the girls' neck.  They were not too sure about all that noise around their necks!


Sherry said…
Thank you for sharing this adventure. Was very cool to see what went on behind the scene of that adorable layout :-)
Barbara Peek said…
This was interesting to see how you staged it to get your photo of them,and
they did so good even with the jingle bells around their necks. Thanks for
the cute Merry Christmas Card. And Merry christmas to you and your family.
Tammy said…
Very cute, Hummie!!

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