Powerful Video - Advent Lament & a Brave Merry Christmas

This video is so powerful that I need to watch and listen again to hear it all.  It's done so dramatically and puts a new spin on the meaning of Christmas.

From the description: An Advent Lament for 2014 -- that proclaims a brave Merry Christmas... that lets us grieve -- and yet believes. Believes that in the midst of personal, national & global loss -- that there is a dawn that shatters every night, that there is Good News Who comes to make His blessing flow as far as the curse is found, that Merry Christmas is the opening line of the Story that ambushes despair, ends oppression, breaks all chains & barriers & bondage & ushers in a Kingdom of Hope, Reconciliation, Peace & Brave, Redemptive Joy. Merry Christmas!



Tara D said…
Wow! Thank you for sharing. I am a sucker for quotes and I had to keep replaying to jot down some fantastic ones in my journal. Very powerful :)
Hummie B said…
Now I want to see your list!

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