Printing Hybrid Bible Journaling Margin Strips

I started playing with the margin strips to print them and adhere them to my journaling Bible for those that want to do Hybrid Bible Journaling.  I am still playing with this so that I can give official recommendations, but I wanted to share my play as I go along.

Although these are available individually for download on the other blog posts, since I put them together on a letter size page for my own printing purposes, I thought I would offer them to you this way also so everyone would not have to put it together individually.

I have been printing on vellum and have been very happy with that.  However, this is the first time I have printed a full color image on the vellum.  I am not sure I am going to recommend this until I play more.  The vellum is AMAZING for making the image and the Bible journaling page become one so as to not increase the thickness of the page.  I am concerned that putting too many printed images in my Bible will increase the thickness and eventually it will not be able to close well.

However, for the full color, the vellum is not white, white.  When you print a colored page, the printer does not print white, but allows whatever color the paper is to be the "white."  I plan too print the next batch on some bright white regular paper to see if I like that better.

The vellum is perfect for printing doodles that you color in and highly recommend that.

Here is my printed sheet before I cut it.  I also recommend letting it dry for at least 24 hours, and maybe 48 hours.  The reason for this is that when you put the matte medium on it to adhere it, the print will run unless you allow it to finish drying thoroughly.  I learned this with a previous project I worked on years ago in 2009.  See this post as this also shows the paper I am going to try next.

I put the matte medium on the bottom of the page and then also on the top of the margin strip.  I let it dry until I came home for lunch and this is what I found.  The page was curled, but I was not concerned because it does flatten again.  I've seen some people use little irons to iron them back out!  Yikes!  Nope, Not spending that money!  It does flatten again as you color on it and/or even just close your book.   However, I did not like so much the smear of the ink because I did not let it dry.  Next time I am not going to put the medium on top and I am going to see if putting it on the bottom is sufficient.  As long as i am not using watercolor, I really do not need it on top.  You can see how the vellum becomes one with the paper so nicely though and does not increase the thickness of the book.

I made three small roast beef sandwiches for lunch to eat while I worked on my lunch hour.  You can see Tara's doodles here I had printed last week to cut and put in my book.  I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but I had pulled them out looking for my pencils and pens and crayons and they happened into the photo.  Please note that I use a plastic placemat that I bought at Wal-mart for a few dollars between my pages.  I cut it up into two pieces.  One is small enough to go in my pencil bag for portability.  This is something I have found has necessary as it keeps the medium from adhering the paper underneath, keeps the edges of the Bible pages from being colored while working along the edge, and keeps the pencils when I press hard from making indentations through onto the pages below.

I colored in the white part of the margin strip and I added color around it and an arrow and more text.  The lines are from the medium running the ink because I did not let it dry first.  Yes, I am impatient!  However, I thought it made for a cool unique texture on it's own.

Here's a close up so you can see the texture it made.  I don't think I picked out the prettiest colors to add too this margin strip and actually made it less attractive, but maybe you can do a much better work than me!

The next one was on a page I had already adhered a Digital Bible Journaling page to with washi tape.  I love doing this!  I easily lifted it to adhere the margin strip below it.

Um, my dogs got impatient with me ignoring them during the lunch hour and Ria begged to get in my lap.  I suppose she wanted to Hybrid Bible Journal too!

I had just added the text on this strip "SamePage" when Ria demanded I hold hands.  It's always been her thing since we brought her home to put her paw in our hand and I found it so cute and appropriate for the moment!  If you think to the cover of the SamePage: Journey book, there are two hands of different skin color on top of the Bible as an illustration of people being on the same page with each other and with Jesus.  So the timing for this was just too adorable.

Here's my working space.  I have the devotion open in my book to read it as I add thoughts to my margin strip.  I've also cut out the other margin strips.

Here is a close-up of my other margin strip.  You can see I underliine the verse and spend time reading and thinking on God's word and doodling additional text to the margin strip.  I used my pens to outline the cross and the bird and the butterflies.  I used crayons to underline the text on the margin strip.  I drew additional waves (you cannot see them in this photo at the bottom) and wrote "oceans and oceans of love" as that was what my Grandma always wrote me and is special to me.  I added "same wavelength" text at the time too.
Here is the recommended medium.  I read that you should not use gesso as it does not work well with the thin Bible journaling paper pages.  The glossy also does not work well, I read and learned.  So be sure to look for "matte medium."  This is expensive, but it does go a long way.
I got these at Wal-mart.  I remember I was looking for the "Sharpie" brand and I found the kind you need are separated out from the regular Sharpie markers.  I forget what the sign above them called them, but look for any markers that are "no bleed" or have "porous" on them.  The reason is that you do not want the pens to show through on the other side of the paper.

I did buy these expensive pencils and they are better than the crayola twistable pencils because they make brighter color.  But if you are low on money, go get the crayola twistable pencils as shown in this photo too.  My favorite that I feel is a must have is the crayola twistable crayons.  I use these crayons and their fabulous color choices more than anything else.  They are the shorter ones shown in this photo.
Here is the plastic placemat I mention above that I have cut which is inexpensive and important.

I hope this gives you some tips to get started with Hybrid Bible Journaling.

I am going to continue to play with some various choices before I make a final recommendation video.


Tara D said…
Those look so nice! And I love the photo of Ria and you holding hands. Perfect! Thanks for showing your experiments with everyone :)

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