A reply on Facebook

For those that missed it, I posted this on January 22, two days ago, on the Facebook page.   I was and am very serious about this consideration.  I felt I owe a reply two days later and this is what I wrote.

Thank you to the 11 people that commented. For me, with 3,236 likes on this page, that is 0.34 percent of the page that is concerned, which makes me think. Yeah, I just googled to get that percentage. Don't you just love the internet nowadays.

I'm going to pray for a while before doing anything and watch and observe and listen for an answer as to whether or not my tutorials should all remain online.

The website needs to be updated to a responsive form and there are 1,000's of pages and the thought of fixing it for no use is overwhelming.

I have to consider how I am being a good steward of the time God gives me.

I've put a few blog posts out there with my analyzing and thinking and I've got a few more planned.

A few things I have decided. First, I do not plan on promoting my tutorials or challenges any more. If people like them they will share them and they will be used. If not, I have to let it go. I have to unhook myself from the time-consuming marketing that only serves to depress me. When I share my teaching videos to this page, almost no one hits like. When I share something personal or re-share something from another page, it gets many likes and comments. What does that say to me? I do have blog posts that go with most all tutorials, so I may re-post them, but that only takes a few clicks.

The Learning Digital Scrapbooking Facebook is still there, but others need to step up to lead it and share the tutorials and challenges.

I deleted the Google + group with over 40,000 members. It was mostly spammers and was more time consuming than anyone knew. I had over 4,000 pending requests to join and hundreds coming in daily for almost no activity but people taking advantage of marketing.

I love to blog and I love to share what I am doing and learning myself, so I plan to continue that. I'm not going off the internet, I'm not going to stop digital scrapbooking and Digital Bible Journaling for personal use.

But I do need to unhook from investing my time and heart and consider my fulfillment.

I'm going to stop visiting digital scrapbooking sites for a while and I'm unsubbing from newsletters that take my time.

I'm going to treat this Facebook page more like it is a personal page than a business page and just share pieces of my life and pieces of me with friends who can either like me or leave me. The pieces may involve digital scrapbooking. They may still involve free things I make or things I am learning, but with an attitude change.

If you were a personal friend of mine, you would find next to nothing on my page. I occassionally post, but I always go back and delete. I share more of personal life on my blog, this page, instagram, and twitter than I do on my personal page. I often think that if I cannot share it in public, it shouldn't be shared anywhere. I do not promote HW on my personal page either.

I'm also considering some name changes. For instance, I put my first name on my Twitter. Who knew that "Hummie" was something bad in slang? It seems to be a fairly new slang because it wasn't evident to me until recent years.

Anyway, that is all for now until I blog some more. If you want to keep up with me, my blog is always the best places where I collectively put everything in a permanent format. Feel free to share my blog posts. I'm going to copy this onto a blog post.


Tammy said…
Thanks for sharing your heart!
jteacher said…
What you do is so valuable to me and to many others. If I had seen your post on Facebook, I would have commented for sure. I love to come to your page, and I have many of your tutorials bookmarked so I can come back to them. I'm new to Bible journaling, digital journaling and scrapbooking, so your contributions have opened new worlds to me. I think God has used you in tremendous ways to reach people who are looking for a way to get closer to Him. As I learn more about this, it is my hope He will use me, too. But you are amazing and not only do you fit into the digiworld...you are one of the trailblazers!

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