Chalk Board Erase Laugh

Remember this chalk board sign from December 9 that was inspired by the advent devotion?

Yesterday we had some stressful moments (yeah, on January 1st, not a good thing) also known as simmering exasperation, and I walked by the board and suggested it was no longer applying for our day and asked him to erase it.
Today I spotted the new board and I had to crack up laughing.  I don't know why I did not see it yesterday.  Hubby informed me, "you told me to fix it."

See, if you go to sleep, tomorrow is always a better day.

The above written January 2, 2016.

Edit on January 3, 2016.

I edited the sign again today!  Oh, the smiles this chalk board brings!
We are home-free to heaven and in this zone known as my house, Jesus forgives!


Tammy said…
Too funny!! Sometimes the holiday's are quite stressful.

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