Fixing with Wacom

I finally found techy instructions that worked to fix my 2009 Wacom! Manual edit of preference file! Whew! It took me all morning to figure out how to do the minuscule instructions. The problem was that the pin would be hovering over the tablet and begin writing. There was no way to go to a location to begin writing, because it was always writing. 

Hubby's helping to play to design with Digihop colors.  I got this in 2009 and I've never used it. I suppose it is time to make time to play. 

I'll be has much better flare on his writing then I do. He also draws better than I do. So we are trying to make a kit together. I want to put the kit in the store, and then use it to make freebies for the Digihop. It has been a very long time since I've put anything new in the store.

I want to take the designs in a different direction to try to make them more unique and hand-drawn.


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