Freebie Prize for doing a challenge from Glenda!

Last week I decided that every Friday I would put up a new challenge in the Learning Digital Scrapbooking Facebook Group.  I was not going to take time to blog it, but wanted to encourage scrapping without much work for me, so to put up a random link to a tutorial or challenge already on the site.

Glenda decided to give away a freebie as a prize for doing Challenge Week 2!  It's a huge prize!  Wow!  This is a Facebook only challenge, so post your layouts in the group.  The challenge for week 2 is Course 2, Lesson 73 on light rendering.


Tammy said…
Awesome freebie. :)
Crystalnva said…
Where can you get this bundle? I did not see the freebie..
Hummie B said…
Thank you for your interest. As indicated in the text of my post, it is a prize for doing the weekly challenge of Friday, Jan 8.

I am putting up a new challenge today. I'm not sure if she will be offering a prize for that or not.

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