God has it figured out

8/29/13 Lord, here I am. I'm ready to do and trying to listen to what it is You would have me do. Build and strengthen my trust in You and open my ears and mind to hear You.


grambie said…
I am a living testimony that God can and will figure it out for you. So sweet to receive your email. Although I might not communicate actively, you will always have a special place in my heart. I remember where we first met on that site of wonderful digital-scrapping downloads where you had to get each group separately. I miss the comradeship that we had on your Hummie site prior to my hospitalization. So my love to you always. I still look forward to your words of wisdom. Blessings.
Tara D said…
I love how you always seem to post these at just the right time :) This mirrored some of my prayer time just this morning :) Thank you :)

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