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For the Take Me Deeper Week 4 devotional, the Digital Faithart group is using swirly arrows on the images as a challenge.  You can do any kind of graphic.

The lesson shows you how to make the dots (or whatever shape you choose) repeat at an equal distance apart for the swirling motion effect between the two arrows. Easy peasy! Course 2, Lesson 47. for more information. Below is the video.
Or, just use the freebie I am sharing with you in a layout and share it on the linky on this blog.

As I was making my Bible Journaling page, I kept hearing the song Nearer, My God, to Thee, so I decided to share the music in the video below with you today.

First posted 1/23/2015


Maggie Adair said…
Thanks for the freebie, Hummie. I landed up not using it, but it is great
Maggie Adair said…

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