I need your ideas

If I were to rename the site, what would you first think of that says 'me.' The site is actually named after a charity band of my grandma called The Hummdingers. Grandma played the wash tub in the band.
Is it time to rename it to be something that represents me? Not someone I want to be like. Something that is more personal and encompasses all the things I love. I have no ideas. I draw a blank. I need your ideas and first thoughts. Just say what comes to mind and maybe that will jumpstart another idea. This is how I used to help people in the designer class name their designer business. But brainstorming leads to things we would never have thought of before.


Tammy said…
Let me share...
Hummie B said…

How simple and creative is that! The url is available too and is short and reads okay.
It would allow me to share anything that comes to my heart without encompassing one topic. Is that what you were thinking?
MiniCooper452 said…
What a wonderful story! I never knew that about you. Always wondered where that came from, but truly never thought to ask. Thanks for sharing the layout.
You know better than to ask me! My ideas are sort of either off the wall or very simple. I'd like it to have something to do with "creative", because that's how I think of you. "MUSINGS" might be cool, because of your introspective side. I like alliteration, but I'm not coming up with anything "m" to go along with that. Maybe that gives you something to leap off of.
Good luck.
ps. I found it interesting that you found a less-than-pleasant meaning for Hummie, when I found a really neat, albeit male definition of the name..... http://www.kabalarians.com/Male/hummie.htm

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