Jan 1 and 2 . . . a Friday and Saturday

I decided to stop blogging daily and to just blog when I am inspired by things in my daily life.  The daily blogging I did for at least 6 months and I really enjoyed keeping my memories, but it also sometimes feels like a burden to keep up and time consuming.

On January 1st, we put away the rest of the Christmas decorations and began getting out more of the January decorations.  In the evening we went to my co-worker's visitation at the funeral home and then we went dancing to learn the two-step.  I am not as good at this one as I thought I would be.  I thought it was going to be easier than last week's cha-cha, but maybe I am just tired.
On January 1 I sewed some new kitchen curtains and a tablecloth for January.  I did not like what I made last year and I need to figure out a way to repurpose that material.  The curtains I made a year ago were not wide enough and I did not like the color so much.  I liked the table cloth and may or may not use it again as a table cloth.  I need time to think.

I love linen!  I think I always have, but I am beginning to let it come out!

Just the edge of the curtain and the table.

Enjoyed a little down time with hubby drinking tea while the soup was cooking on the stove.

Miss Tizzy seems to approve of the winter blues we are bringing to the living room.

This morning hubby made canned biscuits and the table seemed inviting.  We had taken some linen napkins I found tucked away and laid them on the table to protect the table cloth from soup spills the night before.  I actually liked the impromptu idea and now I think I may need to shop for some more linen napkins in different colors.

We attended my co-worker's funeral this afternoon, January 2nd.  I'm so worn thin of funerals and people dying.

I worked on the website hybrid introduction all morning and then again after the funeral.  Around 3 p.m. we went riding around town to take photos of the record breaking flooding.  I need to get those off my camera.  Then I made a roast in my new pot I bought myself for Christmas and it was really delicious.  We talked to hubby's sister in the evening and it was difficult to listen to her impeded speech, although she seemed chipper.  It's all in God's timing now.


Tammy said…
All your linen looks lovely. I'm planning on taking down Christmas today and putting up winter (which means snowmen and snowflakes) in my house.

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