Jan 6 . . . a Wednesday

We received word yesterday that Aunt Elaine is in the hospital.  We picked up some flowers and went to visit her for a few hours last night.  She had a blood count of 4.8 and the normal is around 12.  They are going to do tests to determine what is causing her to loose blood.  By the time we left, her lab results indicated her blood count was back up to 10, so she was feeling much better.  She is due to within a few days be moved to a place where she can have rehabilitation for a week or two.

Hubby's sister we learned is now sleeping 20 or so hours a day out of 24.  I just know in my heart it will be in the next week or so that she slips into heaven.  It's all so hard to hear.


Tammy said…
Prayers and love, Hummie!!

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