Jan 9 .. . a Saturday

As you may have noticed, I have stopped the daily personal blogging because it had become a burden to catch up all the time and I wanted to free up time to do other things.  It was fun while I did it.  Instead, I am just sharing a few things at a time.  

My son posted this at 12:50 a.m.  He was sitting at a stop light when the guy in the truck fell asleep and plowed into him.  There was a car in front of his white car, so he was a sandwich in the accident.  His back windshield was blown out too.  I thank God that he was not injured.  No mother ever wants to see this kind of thing happen to their child.  Now he will have to go through all the insurance and troubles of getting a new car and being without a car.  Hopefully he can get into a rental.  Of course, he lives 8 hours away from us, so we feel helpless.

We went dancing again Friday night.  You can see me with another guy in the background of each of the above photos.  I mentioned that they were taking and sharing too many photos of us in the past weeks and I was thankful these were the only two  I am just SO fat and hate seeing the photos of it.  I'm the largest person there.  Sigh.  

We learned the West Coast Swing on Friday night and hubby got frustrated a lot and it is so hard for me to learn when I am the "blind teaching the blind."  I really do enjoy it when I can dance with other men so I can get the real feel of what it is to really dance. It is great to feel what it is like to be actually "lead" when dancing.

When I asked hubby how I did thinking he would reply something like 'great' or 'you looked awkward or confused."  Instead, he replied, "I saw my wife dancing with another man and laughing too much."  He really struggles with me dancing with other men or him dancing with other women.  This goes right back to the struggles we had 5 years ago when he was very possessive and would not even let me talk to another man without rudely interrupting, even if it were a Pastor or a relative. He's come a long way since then, but his comment is disturbing to me because it shows he still struggles with being possessive.

There were more people than the first two weeks and we were surprised!  I'm not sure how I like that.  I can either choose to "hide in the crowd" or be "intimidated by the crowd."

Here is a photo of me and hubby and as you see, they take side photos which are the worst for fat people! Ack! Now, I know my shirt is very loose, but still!  I need a new hair-do too from the photo.  Ack!  We were learning the two-step and found it much more difficult than imagined.  I thought it was the easy one.  This was on January 1, 2016.

This one was our first time on December 18, 2015 and as you can see, it is that side view again!  Ack!  I need to diet!  Of course, the idea for me was that this dancing would be activity which would help to loose weight.  We were learning the cha-cha and I really had fun with this one.


Tammy said…
Stop that negative talk! You are a beautiful person, Hummie!!!!

I am extremely grateful your boy wasn't hurt. How scary!
Hummie B said…
I've re-gained a lot of weight recently. I need a diet partner.
Crystalnva said…
Loved seeing the pictures except for your sons (ouch !) Im so happy he was okay in something that looked so bad..I had just stopped in as I was clicking through my favorite files on my computer :)
Hummie B said…
Crystalnva, thank you for taking time to comment and for visiting. Sometimes I think no one reads my blog. Happy to hear you have it in your favorites.

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