January 28 and 29

Hubby finally agreed to go to dance lessons with me again after he had such a difficult time the last time (we skipped 2 weeks).  My friend was taking photos and I told her a front view was okay.  I just do not like all the side views of fat 'ol me they were taking in past weeks and sharing.

This was a great night doing the Waltz and it seemed much easier for hubby to catch on.  He needed a positive encouragning night and this was it.  Who knew the waltz would be so much easier?! I still am getting frustrated with my test of patience at learning at his level. We never did get the turns well and I know if I had been learning with someone else I would have progressed my faster.  Learning at his learning pace is so difficult for me and he does not even see it because I hide it, yet he does not hide his frustration at all.

Also, tonight's dancing taught me not to trust hubby.  He kept leading me right into other people as he was not paying attention at all where we were going and I was going backwards.  We ran right into another man and I felt strain go through my knees.  I had to sit down immediately.  It was such a close call to a re-injury in my knees from years ago.  One more injury and I just know in my heart it will be in need of medical treatment or surgery.  It cannot keep getting injured without it being worse the next time.  Little does hubby know that this is what I learned, a lack of trust.  It eats at my heart and mind.  When I danced with other men during the fountain dance they stopped me as they were watching.

At the end they did a line dance and I could have picked it up quickly, but I had trouble seeing on the opposite end of the room and, in addition, hubby ran into me so many time as he was not picking it up that it embarrassed me.  I think we were the only ones not doing it.  I give him credit for trying though.

This one is near the beginning of the evening and he is dancing with someone else and I just had to giggle inside at how their feet are positioned apart.  It looks so funny. 

We went to Applebee's after the dance for our "date night" out and we were seated at a table where years ago we had the most horrible customer service and declared we were never going back.  Well, apparently this table is a bad omen because we once again had terrible service.  The waiter was nice enough and tried hard and it was only his second night along waiting tables, but I seriously think he had no idea how bad it was.  We tipped him nicely anyway.

We worked on paperwork for most of the morning on Saturday morning.  It was a beautiful sunny day in the 60's and we did not intend on wasting it inside, but that is just what happened.  This stuff just needs to be done.  I have yet to get things ready for taxes although we've started a pile of tax documents.

Then we went to visit the Field House at what is now the Junior High because they opened it up to the public to visit before they demolish it.  Hubby did his reminiscing thing as he had gym class and watched ball games in this room.

This is the way to the shower/locker rooms. He remembers Coach Sturm saying "you need to hit the showers." Of course, he also mentioned something about how he encouraged them to hurry so they wouldn't be late to class.  He signed up to get a piece of the floor or a piece of the bleachers. I wonder how big the pieces will be.

The gym sits between the main building and the newer gym.  Hubby remembers the new gym was built just in time for his graduation and that is where his graduation ceremony was held.  He only remembers one or two actual gym classes in the new gym (to the left of this photo).

We went to Walmart for a little shopping and bought these small notebooks for our #valetineprayer during the entire month of February.  I hope he takes this seriously and we really enjoy it. I think they were only $1.88.

We got a call from hubby's cousin to meet at 3 p.m. at the nursing home.  Aunt Elaine is doing so much better and I hope in a few more weeks she gets out. Her daughter's family sings blue grass as a ministry and they decided to sign today at the nursing home.

Aunt Elaine's great-granddaughter wrote and sung this song. There are four great-grandchildren here but one is out of camera view on the right. She wrote the song she sings and is 6 years old. She told us she's writing another one of a mom who lost her family in car wreck and told by the daughter and is aware all her songs seem sad. She speaks so well for her age all grown up like.
At Walmart I bought four inexpensive wash cloths and two hand towels.  I've had this project idea in my head for maybe two years now.  I hope it works. Do you wonder what I'm going to make?


Tammy said…
I didn't buy any notebooks, but still am doing the Valentine prayers. :)
Hummie B said…
Awww! So glad you are joining us. Is you hubby doing it too? So sweet for friends to do this together.

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