Job 18 Hybrid Bible Journaling

In the Digital & Hybrid Bible Journaling group we had a fun impromptu brain storming session in the comments of Tara's doodle (download free here) for Job 18.  We meet every morning in the group for the Good Morning Girls discussion on the chapter of the day.  

I did print it during my lunch hour and then did the HBJ after work.  The four to five hours seemed enough to allow the printer ink to dry, which is good to note.

I couldn't wait to take Tara's download and our thoughts and putting them in my journaling Bible. Here are the results! I do have other notes in my OneNote for this chapter.

I enjoyed trying out my new brush pens that I bought for learning calligraphy.  They did work well.  I wanted to use them for text too, but I have not practiced but the letter "a."  Maybe soon!

I tried for a pink top, but my new brush pens that are supposed to be pastel made the jeans look pastel and the top look red. lol Then I tried to make the grey hair but it looks sort of black. Oh well, still relaxing time creating it.
I don't know when I'll stop making this mistake, but I wrote the text before adding the green brush pen marks and it smeared it!  I really need to think about planning ahead with prepping the background before I write the words.  It seems so backwards to me.

Hubby drew the arrows at my request, so it's a team project.


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