Job 19:25 My Redeemer Lives Digital Bible Journaling

I continue to follow the Good Morning Girls reading plan through Job and am enjoying it.  We share notes in the Digital Bible Journaling group every morning and I prepare my notes in advance.  I've been sharing them on the GMG FB page this week too, but I'm not sure they are well received, so I'm not sure if I will continue that.  It feels a little cliquish to me as I observe the same people getting the most "likes" each day.  That's a shame as that should not happen on a Christian page.

We are in Chapter 19 and since this is such a significant verse, I decided I needed to make a Digital Bible Journaling page with my notes.  I have so many notes!  That is okay.  That's what it is all about.  I really enjoyed reading and pondering this verse from a Job perspective having read from the beginning of the chapter.  It is taken out of context as an Easter verse and now it feels as if it has more meaning for me.

It's so great to think positive and forward towards Easter before Lent!


Tara D said…
I love the page you made! I am really enjoying your notes :)
Hummie B said…
Thank you. I'm really enjoying your doodles and time together in God's Word.

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