Join me for a #valentineprayer

My friend made this and it's in her store. She's an amazing artist. I thought it would be a great graphic to invite you to join hubby and me on what we are going to do for the month of Valentine. One year I surprised hubby with a chocolate in a different place of the house at a different time each day for an entire month. That was fun! Sometimes we try to leave each other a month long love notes randomly about the house.

This year we are going to do a #valentineprayer (use that hashtag with us) for each other. I'm going to pick up some inexpensive small notebooks this weekend, one for each of us. Every day we are going to write a Bible verse in our notebooks and pray the verse for our spouse. We are going to leave them on the kitchen table so we can pick up the other book to see what our husband/wife prayed for us that day. How sweet to know what my hubby is praying for me that day! I think it's rather romantic too. The books are going to be like daily love notes to our spouse. We may add little graphics or other little notes with the Bible verse, but nothing else is required. We will each choose our own verse so they won't necessary be the same.

I'll share our pages each day and you can just pray those for your spouse if you want and share them with him or you can share with us what you prayed for your spouse that day. You might inspire our prayer for the next day. I'll try to reshare yours the best I can.

If you want, you can even make a digital page to share.

Will you join us?


Tammy said…
This is a cool idea!! :)
Hummie B said…
I hope you join us!

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