Join use for Good Morning Girls in the DBJ Facebook Group

I would like to invite you to join us in the Good Morning Girls reading plan.  Click here for more information on Good Morning Girls.  We are posting in the Digital Bible Journaling group on Facebook.  As you may know, I met Tara from Doodling Through the Bible and fell in love with her doodles and became online friends.  Her doodles are based off of this reading plan and she has been posting her doodles in the FB group as she follows the reading plan.

I decided to try to follow along on the reading plan myself and even joined one of the GMG Facebook groups.  However, the group I joined is a failure.  There are 49 women in the group and very few to no one is posting.  I wanted to do this with other women, so I discussed it with Tara and I do not want to have the burden of running an official group and posting all of their images daily.  Instead, we decided on an impromptu group for us to read together and merely comment below Tara's doodle that she has already been sharing in the Digital Bible Journaling FB group.  We want other women to join us, but because it is not an official group that we can ask Courtney to support, we are not sure how to find more ladies to join us.

Would you consider joining us?  We are reading Job and we started just this week (January 4th – February 26th ).  The reading plan is for week days with breaks on the weekends.   On March 7 the reading plan begins with the book of Mark.

The idea is to choose one verse from the daily reading and S.O.A.P about it, but I am doing notes on the whole chapter.  Do whatever you are inspired to do.  If you are inspired to do and share graphics instead, please do!

I have done the S.O.A.P method with Tammy through an email group with Love God Greatly and she is beginning that again on Monday, so if you want to join that, comment below and I will pass along that information.  I do like S.O.A.P. a lot, but for GMG, I really would like to, personally, get my OneNotes on all of the Bible done.  I hope I can keep up with both!

GMG has available a reading plan so you can mark off the books that you have done.  There is a Facebook page you can follow also and join in the daily conversations.


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