Presenting Hummie's World Layout of the Week 
by Liz Toms 

Couple things going on here. First I have to APOLOGIZE!!! I knew that I'd kind of zoned out sometime in November. I thought it was right after Thanksgiving and I was right. I'm so sorry to Hummie and the rest of you that I have not done my part in keeping up with my commitments to Hummie's World/Smile! I've apparently gone an entire month without posting a LOTW (on my schedule, every other week) and I know I haven't posted a Round-up in ages. There have been a lot of stressful issues going on since our Shawny died last spring. Thanksgiving brought out some very unpleasant feelings in people and threw us into a somewhat collateral whirlwind. I think I tuned out a lot after that and all the way through Christmas. But it's 2016 now and it's going to be a GREAT YEAR!

One of the things that I've never done before, but am going to try this year, thanks to Hummie, is a WORD for the year. It took me a LONG time to figure out which one popped for me. I took a list of over 1000 words and even used random integer generator to narrow it down and narrow it down again! SIMPLIFY!!! That word jumped out at me several times, from several different places and that's IT! 

As I was looking through the numerous layouts that have been posted since December 25th (WHERE do y'all find the time to scrap?!?) several layouts JUMPED out at me in their simplicity. Words, picture, journaling, lines, doodle, on white. Done. Now I had to decide which one I was going to choose to highlight and I struggled, but only for half-a-second when this one screamed my name. Now I know why. "Nothing prepares us for the loss of someone dear." Sums up our year. Now all we have is Sweet Memories. Thank God for that. 

Congrats Liz Toms! Click on the photo link and leave her some love (and hugs) if you have some time. Don't forget to visit Hummie's World and create some layouts of your own! There are loads of classes and challenges. Then upload your creations at Hummie's World Flickr group and maybe you'll see your layout featured here on the blog!

Love and Blessings
Stay Safe


Hummie B said…
I think that's the same template that Tammy choose two layouts ago!

I keep seeing it everywhere I go and I like it too, although I'm not sure where the template comes from. I think it's the same person even!

Glad to have you back and I understand the holidays doing this to us. It's hard on me too and a lot of people. I like that you have chosen a word! I look forward to seeing your layout.
Tammy said…
It's a good layout. :)

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