Learning brush lettering

Pulled the tablecloth back. Afternoon tea while doing brush lettering for the first time. I've always loved calligraphy. I had a pen set as a teenager but never could figure it out. But I saw a new trend to use these new brush pens, so I couldn't resist playing. So we picked up a set yesterday. I wanted the Tombrow brand but could not find it at hobby lobby. If we like doing this, I may order a pack off of Amazon. I found this 30 days practice from By Dawn Nicole for free to download. We are having quality time learning together. This is not just a hobby for gals. Note he has the manly green color.

So there is this new watercolor stuff in tubes that I don't remember them having when I was little. So we are playing with it too. I'll be said you go first and I'll watch what happens to you.


AMarie T said…
Oh yeah! It's really cool!
Hummie B said…
Have you ever done it Anne-Marie? I am thinking about scanning and importing into Photoshop to add to layouts or to share or to even do some other things with it after I learn.
Love the hubs is playing along with you. Yall are just too cute! Joining in too!
Tammy said…
Wonderful. I loved calligraphy, too! Had a kit, also. :)

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