Little Surprises Layout

LittleSurprises Jan 22 2016
As always, click on layout for credits on Flickr.

I really need some time away from projects, so I threw together this layout in about 20 minutes during my lunch hour.  It makes me feel good and artistic and was so simple.  Just like the simpleness of the art I spied left by hubby and he did not even know it!

I read in the comments several people struggling on Facebook to get into creating a layout. I've been in a slump too. I'm trying to design and I get this way every time I try to design as I do not like what I create. So why do I do it? Some day I'll learn my lesson.

I want to encourage everyone to think simple. Do not try to get that grand layout. Find something in your home that makes you feel anything and snap a phone (I took this with my cell phone) and scrap it simply. Simple is good and effective. We always say it. Why not do it?


Maggie Adair said…
You're always inspiring, Hummie. I guess with working, exercising 6 days a weeks, house-keeping, shopping, church, etc, it just becomes a bit exhausting and creativity suffers. Sigh! Not complaining, it is what it is :)

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