Mary Esther Elam's Bible Journaling collection on Facebook

I was surprised to see this in the local news on Bible journaling.  It seems to be a syndicated post on many news channels.  The syndicated posts do not point to her Facebook page album which they reference, which I found odd.  I searched for it and found it and wanted to pass it onto you.

Click here.

Mary Esther Elam (she is from Mississippi) is certainly a forerunner to this hobby that has grown so much in popularity due to the Illustrated Faith movement.  It says she began in August of 2014, which is about when I began doing my digital Bible journaling because I found the Illustrated Faith and knew I was not good with my hands, but rather digital, so I immediately started doing digital instead.  I remember I started before they even named the Illustrated Faith and created the website for it.

I really enjoy seeing Mary's pages and there is a lot of great inspiration.

I found Mary's personal Facebook page first and I noticed another owner of a Facebook group so blatantly marketed her group in a comment on her public post and I left that group after I found false teachings there (basic ones and she refused to see her error, although she was polite in responding) and now this confirms my decision to leave. She is doing this for $ and I pray that we here in this group never go that route and keep this all as a worship to God and the focus on Him.


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