Record Flooding Photos

We took some time yesterday, January 2, 2016, to drive around town to look at the flooding and I took a few photos.  These photos are shortly after cresting.  The water had receded just a small bit.

Cape Girardeau Downtown flood wall. It appears to me there is more room from the top at the south end than the downtown portion of the wall.  For me, I find it crazy that we actually trust this wall.  I will not go down there to walk around. If the wall does not hold, anyone in the waters path would be drowned.  Yes, it has held since about 1960 which lends to trust, but it is getting old and it only takes one time for it to fail.

Water Street at the corner of Rand Street, Cape Girardeau flooding

Water Street at the corner of Rand Street, Cape Girardeau flooding

Where hubby's cousins are living. The back yard abuts the backyard of where hubby used to live on Rand.

Taken from where hubby's cousin is living. He's looking at where the house stood on Rand street just beyond the tree where he once lived as a youth. He can tell you stories about living here during flooding.

Missouri Dry Dock at Cape Girardeau -- not so dry.

Missouri Dry Dock at Cape Girardeau -- not so dry


Brenda Seek said…
Wow! Thanks.
Maggie Adair said…
Wow! We've seen news about the flood on our news channel in Australia. You're photos are amazing. The reflections in the water is like WOW!
Tammy said…
Great photos!!
Barbara Peek said…
I thought of you when I heard of the flooding in your town. I am glad you are all right
and not flooded. but do feel bad for those that did have the flooding. Prayers for
everyone's safety. The photo's are really nice and thank you for sharing. The beautiful sunsets and water reflections are pretty.
grambie said…
I am so glad to know that you and your family are safe. The photos are so vivid and appealing in spite of the damage that occurred because of your awesome photography skills. Of course, my prayers as always.

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