Still Playing

I've been playing in Photoshop again this morning. What a fun way to start a day, huh? I think this looks like the theme "brighter days ahead" don't you? There are 11 papers done and 12 elements done. I think I must be the slowest designer in the digiworld. It seems to take me forever. 

Of course, I had no time to work last night or this past weekend, so only an hour in the morning each day is not enough time.  I always feel like everyone is waiting for that other new content from me and I cannot take time to design.
I shared this the other day on Facebook.  It is the first paper I made from something hubby drew.  It took me an hour Monday morning to color it in digitally and turn it into a sticker and a background paper.  I sure hope others can find a way to use it.


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