Too much.

I'm using my lunch hour to prepare to teach tonight. Then I have to do cleaning job after I teach. Then I have a very early a.m. dentist appointment tomorrow, work, followed by Bible study. I'm already looking forward to propping up my feet tomorrow night! Ah! I'm always wishing my life away! I've always had intentions of putting this class online. This is only half of it. There is a part two. My husband said in the newlywed game we recently played that I have too many projects. He was right. I got the question wrong. I said I drink too much tea. Silly me. The question was on what I have too much of.


Tammy said…
You are one busy, busy lady!
Hummie B said…
I'm exhausted and my feet as I get ready this morning, but my tea will get me through! lol

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