2016 Superbowl 50 for Women

Positions in Football
I made these graphics back in 2011 and wrote a Football Guide for Woman that really needs to be reviewed annually before the superbowl. Click here to read.  I'm laughing at myself.

Yeah, all of American shuts down during the Superbowl, so just get your mind set on relaxing at home and plan your snacks.

Positions in Football

For 2016:

Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos
February 7, 2016
5:30 PM EST on CBS
Played at Levi's Stadium (in Santa Clara, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, home of 49's)

Carolina Panthers are NFC team
Dever Broncos are AFC team

Half-time show - Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars

The 2016 Super Bowl will be available Live on CBS, your computer or tablet at CBSSports.com, or home entertainment device (Xbox One, Apple TV, and Roku). Live streaming on mobile devices is only available for eligible Verizon Wireless customers via the NFL Mobile App.
Click this link to watch the game on a desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

Cam Newton (quarterback for Panthers) vs. Peyton Manning (quarterback for Broncos)

The Carolina Panthers are favored to beat the Denver Broncos by 6 points (odds based on gambling sites).

That's about all I'm going to look up this year.  That's enough.

Unless of course you want to zone out until the commercials which are always the most expensive for advertisers than any other show or sports the entire year, so they have to be good, right?  There's a website for those too. superbowlcommercials2016.org  Of course, just do an internet search and you'll find them everywhere.  I bet they are even on Youtube in advance.

Have fun!


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