A post, after 24 hours of crying.

We're hurting. And we're tired of this pain. Even the stupid comfort chips don't help. Apparently they do not have an ridges to achieve the desired effect. We are whipped, beaten, and puréed. And baked at 125° for 35 minutes. OK it was more like 24 hours. Can we turn off the oven now, we're getting burnt. Yes, we composed this message together. And there's nothing like marriage insanity. We can say nothing, we can say next to nothing, or we can say absolutely next nothing. We hope that's enough. But if it is not enough, it could be a near miss. If it is not a near miss it could be a direct hit. We have the hiccups, will that help? Probably not, but if it is a valiant effort, give me another valiant effort, and I will make you a prince. That is better than a pauper. Now I want popcorn. What about a movie? Roll the credits please. Film is forever. Or until it is not anymore. I'm just a lonely cowboy, here have some deodorant, maybe you'll want me.

Back to square one. No one should be a scapegoat. We hurt. We are one. We are married. If you hurt one of us you hurt the other. Stop rejecting us and throwing us away. We have feelings. We had one once and then it got away. Oops. Ooops there it is. See what happens when you wallow in hurt all night long. You begin to get delirious. Not alone thankfully, as we deliriously compose this message together. To be delirious means that you should be Larry a bus. What about Bob the tomato. And his cousin Kebab and Shebob. What a lovely name for a cousin. And when they get together the whole room goes kaboom. Have you really read down to this point? Boom boom boom boom. Bang bang bang bang. If you read this far, it is your own fault. This is our legal waiver. If ever there was a wizzz, there was a wizz there was, living in Oz. Places people, clap clap. Bring in the munchkins please. Bring up the lollipop league. We are the lollipop league, the lollipop league, the lollipop league, we are the lollipop league, the lollipop league, who lives on Munchkin Lane. That's a lot of lollipop. Lick on a stick. OK wait a minute, page break, maybe we live on Xxxxxx Xxxxx Lane. Wait, it's a Boulevard. You are messed up people. You know, on the Boulevard, the night's enough. And this, so good night. See yeah. That's enough ramblings, I think for any man. Or woman. You know I love boats. I'm a canoe guy. Maybe wait, are we writing this together? We were, but you hit me with the oar. And then I blacked out. And now we've gone constitutional. Well, we can make an amendment. The first amendment is that we amend the constitution. That all people should live in peace. Or at least on the same block. Then we could have a block party. Come as you are, we will not judge you. Bring your own inflatable animals. How about a camel with two humps. How about a camel with one hump and we can save on fuel. Are people of the 21st-century? Write that down please. Just say the end, that is how they do it in the movies. Now get out in the lobby and get yourself a 7-Up. Thank you and good night.


Cintia said…
This was an interesting reading. I felt like I was intruding. Am I intrudding? I am sorry if I am; I know sometimes I feel like this, exactly like this! So... I hope you both feel bether soon. This too will pass, you know and all that... My prayers go to you and your family dear.
Very far away, but still: Hugs to you!
Hummie B said…
No, you are not intruding, but I like that you shared with me that you read it.

I share because I know others can identify and sometimes it helps them.

We were very sad and this was written in our attempt to bring ourselves out of sadness.
A young man said we were brilliant in the way it was written.

All the funnies were my hubby, but I said some of the things, and some of them were typos made by Siri that we just left and went with the flow.

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