Caption photos!

Re-sharing this fun post from 7/30/11.  Someone commented on it today unrelated to the post and it is interesting how they found this old post, but when I read it, I thought I would re-share as it made me laugh.  You can view the final book we made on this blog post.


I couldn't sleep this morning and was up at 3:30 a.m., so I decided to make some more caption photos.  I found it quick and easy to put them together with the free template (more information in the forum on Book of Captions (forum now disabled) and that it was actually a good exercise for a short "brain break" to look through all my photo folders searching for something that shouted out a silly quote.  It's a great way to look at your photos with a different perspective.

Anyone can join us!  We'll be making a book that anyone can download.  Check out the thread for more information.







Franz said…
I was born and raised in Kirkwood and am now 86 years young. I moved to Southern California after graduating from Parks College in 1953. I am writing up some memoirs and am trying to identify the swimming pools that were along Marshall Road north of the Meramec River. I think there were four - Kiefer's on the south side of Marshall Rd. Treecourt on the north side and two others - Blue Mineral and White Mineral? Can anyone confirm these and tell me what side of Marshall Rd they were on. My email is Yes, I make nestboxes for bluebirds but out here they are the Western variety. Bob Franz
Hummie B said…
Bob! It is interesting that you found my blog and that you commented on this unrelated post. I am from Fenton and not quite as old as you. I am not familiar with those swimming pools. Your nestboxes sound interesting though.
Tara D said…
Too funny :) The picture of him under the rock made me think of my husband moving furniture for me. . ."No honey, maybe a little more to the right" :)
Dawn said…
Oh man!! What a laugh I got this morning! I remember when that last photo was taken! :)

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