Copy Dot Com to be Discontinued

This is disappointing new for me.  I have recommended to a lot of people over the years and use it to back up my photos until I put them on my EHD's, and now they have announced they are discontinuing the service (see blog post) in May.

There is an indication that they will continue with Barracuda Backup which was their initial business targeted at the business audience. was more for the personal audience.  

I suppose with all the different cloud backup storage options nowadays, it is hard to compete.

I am going to look at this as a good thing because I do use Copy, Google Drive, and Dropbox and each app that is running on my machine slows down my computer upon start up, as well as slows down my machine while it is syncing.

I think I need to finally break down and pay the nominal cost for storage and put my eggs into one basket, so the saying goes.

Google Drive works so very well at for 100 GB it is only $1.99 per month.  I think I could afford that (see pricing).  1TB is $9.99 which seems reasonable too.

Dropbox Pro is also 1 TB for $9.99, so the competition between the two is equal as both are reliable and respected.  

With the use of my EHD's for backup (and I even bought one to take my files to my son's house in case something happens to my house (i.e. fire), I do not need 1TB (I have probably 2.5 TB of files total anyway!).


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