Digital Bible Journaling 1 Peter 4:8 (and UseIt Challenge 55 NEW)

I had a wonderful time focusing on the meaning of each word or phrase in this verse and expanding on it as I pondered it, writing words in the side of the page.

The flower was hand-drawn by hubby and I made it digital and colored it in digitally, so it is free for use as the UseIt! Challenge #55!  As always, please share with me what you create with the download and I will add it to the class guide page to inspire the next people who come to download.  It's as I always say, inspiration is like a boomerang and always comes back to you.

Please do not download without giving back in some way.  It keeps me encouraged to keep giving.


Maggie Adair said…
This is beautiful. I love the colours you used. I will try use the download on a page this weekend - we have a long weekend so yay!

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