Digital Bible Journaling #biblejournaling #illustratedfaith John 3:16

February Week 1 on His Kingdom Come is a challenge to be inspired by John 3:16.  I rather enjoyed it being just one simple verse, a beloved verse by all.

First, as always, I underlined parts of the verse and then as I dug deeper into each of the words, I wrote the text of my thoughts, down the center.

I enjoyed the challenge to consider and contemplate exactly what it actually feels like to be loved by God.  I thought about how I feel hubby's love or my sons, or my dog's love and put those words down the right side, knowing that is also how it feels to have God's love.

I wanted to stick a "world" image on the graphic as so many graphics about this verse seem to contain, but it would have been the only blue, green on the page and I felt that would put the focus on the world, on people, on humanity, on earth, and I wanted the focus to remain on God and His love for us.

This week the challenge is to add turned mats on your image, Course 2, Lesson 35. My turned mats are on the bottom left corner of my layout.  You do not need to make a bible journaling image for this challenge.  You can be inspired by the verse and the technique in any way that you are lead.

This is the song HKC shared and I listened to it over and over as I scrapped this page.


Rambler said…
I love the words of this layout. I need not add to it.
Hummie B said…
Thanks for your encouragement dear hubby!
Maggie Adair said…
Wow! Love this song. Wow! great
anitab said…
I'm being inspired by everyone of your illustrated Bible journaling layouts. Thank you for sharing them!

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