February 5 #lovevalentine

Here is today's.  I drew with a pen clouds on the left and did not like it, so I covered it up with white gesso and then it still showed through so I got out paint!  I just painted with my finger.  I started out putting watercolor on the entire pages to try something different, but the lighter colors were not good so I filled in with the crayons.

This verse was inspired by Tammy!  She did this one for her husband a few days ago.  I'm so thankful she is following along and telling me what she does in the comments.
This is what hubby did for me.  Now that he's using the crayons instead of the brush markers, everything looks so much more pleasing to the eye.  He's trying hard to fix the prayers so they are about me and not him, but his second line still included him.  lol  It's hard to do!  Try it!


Tammy said…
I think some thing doesn't like me writing out Scripture and praying them over my man... This whole week I've barely had time to get my Scripture written and hidden somewhere before he's up. That's not normal. I am usually up and going before him because he gets up before me, but usually sits in the rocker in our bonus room and dozes until 5:30ish, but not his week! Grrr. I may start writing my verse and prayer the day before and then pray it again in the morning before I hide it somewhere.

Today I put the paper in his boot again (the left boot this time, giggle). I wrote out 2 Peter 3:18a "But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."
And put stick figures across the bottom of the paper "growing" taller.
Hummie B said…
We've been doing them the day before just so I have them ready to share in the morning with everyone.
I bet your stick figures were cute! So glad you are still doing this with us.

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