Give What You Cannot Use -- An Arrow Prayer

2.23.16 Lord, thank you for leading me to give away some things that have sentimental value to me. What I gain I cannot buy and that is the joy of blessing others. Amen

Last week I had an opportunity to give away my Tupperware children's cups.  I've been holding on to them thinking that in our empty-nester years I would have children around the house and be able to use them.  I used them during the ten years I did a home daycare.  When I got out the box I had so carefully packed away in the basement, I found I was really holding onto them for sentimental value.

Alex always used the yellow cup.  Mick always used the green cup.  Jaron always used the blue cup. Jonathan always used the green cup. Mason always used the orange cup.  Alecia always used the pink cup. (that is, if my memory serves me well, I may have that mixed up!) and so and and so on.  The flood of memories came back of all the good times with the children.  I wanted those days back.

But I gave them away to someone who could really use them and promised me she would be creating even more memories with them, planning to allow her children to play with them to stack them like blocks, which is something my children did as they raided the bottom cabinets.  That made me smile. I initially gave them so she could give them to her babysitter, but I believe she decided she liked them so much she would keep them.


Then there was the media at the local t.v. station which had done an episode on angel gowns.

When I first saw Angel Gowns a year or so ago, I wanted to give my Aunt Mary’s wedding gown in honor of my granddaughter Abigail, but the website indicated that they were not currently accepting donations and that I had to catch them when they had open donations. I was never able to do so (out of sight, out of mind). I began considering finding someone locally to sew for me and delivering the Angel Gowns personally to a local hospital, but I have not had time to make that happen.

An Angel Gown is a infant outfit/gown created from a wedding gown and gifted to the hospitals so that when a newborn does not make it, the family can hold their baby in a beautiful infant gown/outfit instead of wrapped in a hospital blanket (with the intention that it be used as a burial gown). Read more here.

In the morning (2/19/16) I saw on KFVS12 an episode sharing a lady named Alice in Farmington who works with Angel Gowns (See video here). I was excited. I obtained her phone number and called her over the lunch hour. She is willing to accept any wedding gown donations that come her way. We are going to arrange to meet the next time she comes to Cape (she was just here last night – they go to Sam’s to stock up).

If you would like to donate your wedding gown (or someone else), please let me know. I can collect them and provide them to Alice when I meet with her.

I think I am going to give her mine also. I really do not believe my three sons will ever wear it. I’m sure they would rather know it was given in honor of their daughter/niece for a good cause.


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