The Tub Pillow

I've been so busy that I haven't had time to share about my grand tub pillow idea.
I did blog a devotional about it, imagining the crimson thread, the day I was sewing it.  You can great that here.

I took four washcloths (They were each less than $2) and sewed them together.  I laid them out in several directions as the washcloths has stripe texture in the material. There were so many options, but I went with the stripes being on either end of the pillow. This was were I made my first error sewing when I sewed three edges and should have only sewn one.  I was not thinking clearly that day. Basically, two pieces are put together with wrong sides out and sewn together down the edge that is to be in the middle of the middle.

I found the fabric thick on the edges so I had to sew further from the edge than I had intended, but it worked out well. I was worried for a bit.

Then I pinned the now two towels together (well, I'm thinking not as in this photo because I made yet another frustrating sewing error) with the wrong sides out and sewed around three edges.

Then we took two hand towels and rolled them into strips and stuffed them into the pillow. The idea is that rather than finishing the pillow off after stuffing it with foam, everything can be taken apart after use and thrown in the washing machine.

Every tub pillow I see has those plastic suction cups to adhere it to the tub so they do not move and they look totally uncomfortable.  There is one I saw with terry cloth and it even looked uncomfortable.  What is so hard about putting a pillow in place and then grabbing it to hold onto it before moving or sitting up? I do not understand the need for these plastic suction cups that only serve to make a lump under the pillow and that yellow over time or get moldy and are difficult to clean.

Here is what it looks like stuffed.  The idea is that after you put it behind your head, you can smoosh around the towels inside until they best fit into your neck and against your head.
We started testing just two hand towels in the pillow and then decided a third hand towel felt best.

We got into the tub with our clothes on to test it out and had fun snapping photos of each other.  We do some of the craziest things in the name of adventure!  Ah Ha!

We ended up storing it folded on our tub table so it is convenient to grab. At least for now.

We decided three towels inside was most comfortable, but when I actually used it, I thought the two we bought was better. It did end up soaking up water rather quickly which was a draw back, but it did not make it any less comfortable. We found they just needed to be thrown in the dryer after use.

Original we imagined hanging them up to dry, but they were too wet and so running them down to the dryer isn't so much work.  We do not take baths daily and use it daily, only every once in a while.


Tammy said…
It looks comfy!!!

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