Unveil Digital Bible Journaling 2 Corinthians 3:13

This week's verse/devotion for Take Me Deeper and the Digital Faith Art (on HKC) was hard for me and I struggled with creating it.  I think it finally came together, but it advanced a small bit for several days.

The technique this week was inking edges, Course 2, Lesson 13 and I used the technique on the vellum mats underneath the text.

As I was contemplating the Bible verse, I kept hearing the song "This Little Light of Mine" in my head.  Moses veiled the light of Christ because it was so strong, but I need to let Christ unveil the light in me so it can shine brightly.  It's not my responsibility to make it happen.  God does that.  He does the transforming.  I just need to be tuned it to Him.



Barbara Peek said…
Hummie love your page for this week. I had a hard time with last week's and hope this week's go better. With God all things are possible. Love your song this little light of mine. Different than the one I sang when I was a child but the words to this one are very good. Have a blessed day.
Hummie B said…
oh, glad you have joined the group. Last week made me cry, but was easy. I struggled with this week, but pushed through it, digging deeper. I hope to see yours soon!
Maggie Adair said…
Love this page Hummie. I'm still trying to get one done

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