#valentineprayer Feb 4

I love that hubby finally stopped using the brush markers and used the crayons with me.  It looks so much more pleasing.  I knew he was artistic!  Isn't his hearts going up to the deep blue sky just fabulous!

I keep trying to get him to pray for me alone.  He keeps praying for "us" or in this case, he is praying for himself. It's still all good stuff and makes me smile and feel loved. I know I found it hard with the first one not to include myself in the prayers. I have to conscientiously focus to make the prayers for him alone when I pray.
It took me my entire lunch hour to make this! I used the matt medium to glue down one of Bernie's margin strips she gave us for the "creation" theme in January.  I had printed some as is and they were too thin for my margins in my Bible, so I used one of those here. (I later reprinted and widen them for my journaling Bible use.)

The strip is on the center left and the center right is me trying to complete the flower with my own drawing to match it.  I thought it turned out pretty good.  The strip was too long so I cut off the top and put it in the bottom right corner.

I tried using a marker as an under the text base, but it was too dark, so I took some white gesso and smeared it over the marker, letting it dry, before writing the verse. It turned out okay.  It's kind of fun to play.

That says "whole maze of life"...seems hard to read in this graphic.  I have the worst handwriting, so I print and even that is not good!


Tammy said…
These are so awesome. I folded my Scripture/prayer in my man's underwear this morning.
Hummie B said…
rotfl Oh my! I'd love to know his reactions. Is he loving these?

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