Don't we all need some validation? What happens if we don't get validation? How quickly can a little validation change someone's demeanor?

Have you validated anyone today? It's easy -- just start with "You are. . ." and the rest should roll right off your tongue.


Hummie B said…
I feel a need to validate someone today.
Tara D said…
I only had time to watch part of the video but it was cute :) You are inspiring! (HUGS) :)
Maggie Adair said…
Actually today my hubby & I had done a workout then cleaned house. My daughter was coming to visit so I said I'm going to shower quickly before she arrived. Sweet, loving hubby says "don' worry, she also works out. She wont mind your sweaty smell." That's all very well, but then he adds "Mind you she always smells like roses."

So I said "so what you're saying is that I'm stinky but she's not. I've got your number buddy"

Daughter loved hearing that little interchange LOL!
Tammy said…
What a great video!

You are amazing, Hummie!!!!!!!!!

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