Weight Journey Notes

I thought I would sum up my first week.

I suppose yesterday was my official one week of my kick start to this diet again. I lost a lot of weight the first two days and then it bounced back up and now today it is back down. So I think I can officially say I lost 2.6 lbs. the first week.

Yes, I weighed almost every day (so my new followers don't knock me for it) as it helps me to get focused every morning to do this! It helps me to do it, it hurts some people. Each person has to find their own way.

I've had a bit of a struggle with choices. It snowed, so they ordered pizza in at the office. I ate lunch out with my son. We had a cake mix that had to be used up, so I ate a little cake. We had a less than healthy pizza to eat up because hubby had wanted to try something new (I like these as they feel healthy without tasting bad: http://www.digiorno.com/products/thin-crispy). I had to work 3 jobs in one day on Monday and then we visited our son late at night and had no time to eat properly.

But I made good choices in serving sizes to keep my total calories limited for the day. So I am happy with my week. We don't have too many fresh veggies in the house right now, so right now is an effort to eat up what we have in preparation for the next step on grocery shopping day.

Three or four times I made myself get up and just exercise while watching t.v. for 10 minutes. I did a lot of squats and a lot of leg lifts and a few other things, and my upper thighs hurt most of the week. It's a good start. The goal will be to just get started and kick it up as the weeks go by. I don't want to stress myself with self-imposed to-do's, but just to make efforts.

P.S. I did cave in last night and had a glass of wine after a stressful day at work, but it was within my calorie limits so I was okay with that.

Also, for those new to my journey, I did loose 22 lbs a few years ago and it's been slowly going back on, but since last Fall when hubby went to days and now we are both together in the evenings, my eating habits have gone out the window. He is skinny (although he's gained weight too since last Fall) so he doesn't have as much to worry as I do, except his back problems.

So I'm sitting at an 8.2 loss from my initial journey and I have to get back down to the 22 loss and keep going.

Thanks for reading and being a support for me.

I am on MFP if you want to be accountability partners.


Tara D said…
Great job :)
Dawn said…
You've got this! Take the curve balls that life throws at you, and throw those balls right back! You did great for your first week! Look past the negativity and loop UP! He's with you, and will not leave you.
Tammy said…
Proud of you! Keep it up!!
Hummie B said…
Thanks all for your encouragement. The end of week two is in the morning and I don't think I will have had as much success, but I haven't quit! I hope to post a weekly update.

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