Course 2 is a go! Whoo hooo!

I'm so tickled to finally have all the layouts I have available back up on the Course 2 guide pages (click here for Course 2 guide pages).  It seems as if I've been stuck on this project forever!  I even finally got all the links to the forum removed from the pages.  Whoo hoooooooo!  I feel so free!

Now I've still thousands of images to add to the pages, but at least that really big one is done!  I peaked at the number in my folder.  I have 4,698 images in just course 2 alone!  Wow!  And it continues to climb.  No wonder that felt overwhelming.

The ABC class is done, so I'm working on the Assorted Class right now.  I guess I'll try to go from top to bottom alphabetically.

I'm having a blast looking at the Assorted Challenges. Oh my goodness!
Anyone else have these fond memories? Now these challenges are bringing back some fond memories of some happy times! These challenges were fun! Paint chip challenge, storyboard challenge, spelling with images challenge, newspaper challenge. That's as far as I've gotten, but these make me smile! I've about 300 more images to put up for your inspiration, plus taking off links to the forum. I can do this and take a trip down memory lane! oh my goodness! Did I really take a photo of myself for a bubblegum challenge! lol! Okay you all, go get some bugglegum!


Tammy said…
Yay for you!!!

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