Digital Bible Journaling for Good Friday Romans 3:22 - 25

3.20.15 I made this for the His Kingdom Come March Week 3 challenge devotion as well as the Digital Faith Art challenge.  The digital challenge was to be inspired by The Fun Extras 65 which includes a layout tip video and a free download of a fence template.

I found I was so drawn on the digital challenge and how to incorporate the fence into a layout about the blood of Jesus that my page was full before I could do my journaling.  I normally do the journaling part first and it fills my page.  In the end, I decided that the text had so much meaning there was no way I could write enough about it anyway.

 I know His blood is precious, but it is still blood, and still horrific, and not something I'm comfortable with in imagery, so this is out of my bounds of comfort zone to create.

I used an image by magdalena that I found on Flickr with a friendly creative commons, which only requires a link back.

I also used two files made by Altered Amanda Studio.  First, the background paper is from Background Basixx_Vol.I and paint element is from "The Call" kit.  I used the paint element and a layer mask to create the blood.

There is a lot of clipping, blending, low opacity, and burn tool on my image.  I does not seem anyone else can tell, but there was a lot of finagling to get to this result.  Magdalena's photo is duplicated and clipped/grouped 6 times, with some masking!

I imagined in my head that the fence element fit because a fence keeps us bound in and Christ's blood sets us free from sin and death.  I'm not sure that comes across, but that is what I told myself as a reason for making it work together.


diann said…
So glad you explained your thoughts and Holy Spirit leadings especially about the fence. I am glad I saw this first thing this morning cause as I laid awake for hours this morning I was dealing with disturbances in my life. Needed reminder: I am bound to Jesus.
anitab said…
I am so glad you are sharing your Bible Journaling - thank you!
grambie said…
Thank you for the dedication you have given to this intense Good Friday Digital Bible Journaling. I know the time, prayers, vigilance, innate talent needed. Amen.

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