Fitness Report Week 2

Here's my week 2 report. Not as good as my week 1 report, but I'm still at it and logging every day. At the end of week one (1) I was sitting at a 8.2 loss. It went down just 3 days ago to a 9.4 loss, but as of today, the scale is back up to a 7.8 loss. It could be just a one day fluke, but it is what it is. So essentially, it seems as if I have gained weight in the last week.

I have logged every day. I did have some chips, wine, and ice cream. I only had chips one day over the weekend and we bought the good kind that only had 3 ingredients! On the days I had ice cream (actually key lime frozen yogurt), I had the calories to do so. The same with the wine days I think.

A few days I went over my calories, but not by much, but the key was that I was true to myself and I logged it. My former behavior was to go off the track and not finish my logging for that day. So this is a good progress for me!

For the most part, I stayed under or barely over my calorie goal, so I felt good about my eating overall. I think it probably balanced out. I am beginning to get in a routine for eating healthier and logging every day. That is good. I am occasionally hungry, so that is a good sign too. I used to never get hungry. I'd just eat because it was time to eat.

I did not exercise at all this week and that was probably my downfall.

I resisted any soda (I usually only have about 3 a month because they are easily available at work. I drink them for caffeine when I do not get enough sleep). There was a temptation, but I overcame!

My eye doctor's last Friday took my blood pressure and it was slightly high (146/110 I think) for the first time in my life! Usually everyone exclaims at how low it is. I am actually feeling it being high the last month or so. Now I know why I was feeling this way. So I looked online and read that to lower it, I need to loose weight, exercise, and eat less salt. Seems I'm already on that track, so I will use this as self-motivation to continue my journey.

Thank you for reading and supporting me.


Tammy said…
Keep up the good work!!!

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