Freebies on UseIt Set 3 Class Guides for you!

A few weeks ago, I worked to add all the download links available for UseIt! Set 3 right onto the guides. I do not plan on putting them in the store. They were all on my blog scattered about. If you use any of the downloads, please do share with us. Have fun creating layouts! They start here and go through 56.

The below is a message I wrote in the Facebook Group and I thought I would pass it on here because those who just participate on the blog and site and not Facebook, may appreciate my notes on journey of restoration. I'm making some progress, but it will be a long way coming yet.

---> Hey all!, I appreciate my time away from waking up every morning thinking about what to do for the site and the group and people expecting me to comment and create new content or lead challenges. It was a habit I had maintained for so many years that it wore me down more than you will ever know. I work 3 other jobs and do not have the time, plus I'm getting older. I was so far down I had serious thoughts about deleting everything.

I've been spending a lot of time instead reading God's Word and I know that is never a wrong thing to do. I've continued been active in our sister group (Digital & Hybrid Bible Journaling). I am feeling a little restored, but not completely. I think this will be a long time coming to feel full restored and with energy for leading again.

Yesterday I realized this group was dead. No one had commented in a week. An idea clicked in my head that Dawn Miller used to love leading so much when she was working for me to help with crediting in the forum years ago. I in my heart know that if she stepped up to lead some challenges here on Facebook, she would be so blessed! I texted her and she said 'yes!' She isn't promising anything regular, but please respond to her challenges and to her questions of the day so we can begin to grow this group back. I think seeing happy excited activity will also help me restore.

I know most of you 'oldies' miss the good 'ol days (like me) when there was so much excitement about this hobby. Let's gift that to newbies in this hobby and have some fun! We all want this to be a happy place to visit and, as always, we need your happy and excited chatter to make that happen.

I still do not want to jump into this fully, leading and answering questions and being expected to be here, but I do want to pop in from time to time and leave words of encouragement and just have fun.

Thanks again for stepping up, Dawn. I pray God bless you greatly.


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