Isaiah 53:5 Good Friday Digital Bible Journaling

4.3.15 Good Friday is, and is meant to be, so dark and morbid, but I just could not make my mind go there today, so I wanted to keep this image simple as if I were just doodling on a piece of paper my thoughts.  Amanda's products were perfect for this.  I used Altered Amanda Studio -Sketchbook Basixx - Graphite Accents; Altered Amanda Studios - Background Basixx Vol.I.

The little "thanks a million" prayer was actually something I borrowed from my Facebook friend's post this morning.  I loved it and wanted to pass it along.

I used my Distressed Edge Frame tutorial in course 2, Lesson 66 for this layout as the Digital Art Challenge at His Kingdom Come (as well as the Take Me Deeper devotional challenge for the week at HKC).  There is a download on the tutorial class guide page and a video.

You probably cannot see the distressed frame too well without knowing the layers, so I will share for those that want to learn yet another way, beyond the video, of utilizing this download.

For the mask layer, I simply used the "lighten: blending mode, which made it appear as a masked out white area beneath my text.

I wasn't happy with it being just white, however, because I wanted it to seem as if it was on the lined paper as if I were doodling.

So I copied a part of the background paper that had the lines on it and grouped it with the mask, changing it's blending mode to "darker" so the lines would show up.  The grouping kept the paper only applied to the area of the mask.

You can seen from my screen shot that I actually did this twice.  The mask is under two different text areas.  I did resize the mask and the paper to work with the area of each text.


Lois B said…
This is an amazing layout for Good Friday. I have printed it and hung it on the wall. It says it all. Thank you
Hummie B said…
Thanks. It tickles me that you were so inspired by it that you printed it.
anitab said…
So sobering, so appropriate. Thank You.

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