It's a Sad Spring Layout

SpringMarch13 2016

Anyone else having a sad, sad Spring so far?

I did this layout for several reasons.

1. For Dawn's challenge to support her and encourage her.

2. Can we get that old feeling back many of us loved about digital scrapbooking years ago? The first layout posted for this challenge only created drama and we are not here for drama, but for fun. It's really sad what the digital scrapbooking world has turned into, with people disrespecting the rules of challenges just for a quick opportunity to share a layout to promote products, but not really participate in the challenge. The fun part is in the sharing and doing together. Has no one the time to whip up a simple layout for fun anymore? I even used quick cell phone photos.

3.. I kept it simple without papers or elements and not so "wow" to show newbies what scrapbooking is all about. It is about the memories and not about being fancy. It's okay to share layouts that do not look amazing. I had too many photos and did not have room for even the text, but I got what I needed on there and said, "self, it's done." Let's enjoy God's creation the next week to see what happens now that I've got this documented.

4. For fun, because the fun part of the challenge is seeing outside your window in your part of the world to compare to my part of the world.

5. II think it will be fun to see if on the first day of Spring next Sunday if my yard looks any better than the sad, sad way it looks today. I want to snap photos again next week! I've always wanted to do a book each year of the first day this or that bloomed, but every year I fail.

6. Glenda says there is a prize. Yeah, she's pretty awesome!

I look forward to seeing yours!


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