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3/15/15 This is my layout for HKC March Week 2 challenge on Luke 4:2.  You can read the devotional on their site here (but you may have to be logged in).  The digital art challenge I will write about below is here.

So, as always, I started with a screen shot of the Bible verse and then sat for a few hours studying and writing all  the other text.

I was all down and soaked into the Lenten theme of temptation and testing, which would lend to a dark color scheme, when I went to see what the challenge was before adding papers and graphics.  What!  The digital art challenge was to use my Blending Class Lesson 28 on creating a dreamy image!  Ack!  That did not go together!  How was I going to make that happen?!

I proposed my dilemma to my hubby who suggested an angel for the Mark verse (which I had already read and noted on the layout) for the same story which included angels ministering to Jesus.   Okay, I think I can do that, I said.

Then my next dilemma was finding an angel in my stash!

I found this background paper from Altered Amanda Studio which I had just downloaded minutes prior.  I had tried to download the paper pack days ago as CT, but the file was corrupt and I thought it was such a coincidence that I got it just in time for this layout.

So my art journey began and I will share with you my process.
The 1st image above is the original paper.  Sure, looks like it could be an angel, right?  I even see a halo!

So I applied the Blending Mode dreamy technique lesson to the paper and loved the results!  If you want to try it, the video and download are free on the lesson page. This is the 2nd image above.

I finished the rest of my layouts adding elements, but it continued to bug me as I was thinking that angels should be all white.  No matter what I did, I could not get the angel white.  I was okay with the rest of the paper, but just wanted a white angel.

I ended up with a grayscale angel as seen in the 3rd image using the hue/saturation adjustment and lowering the saturation.  Yep, hubby agreed it worked, so I was good with it, but in the back of my head, it just felt more like a skeleton than an angel.  

I let it set for a while, watched tv, and then came back to it.  Hubby was insisting it was okay until, as he was watching over my shoulder while I was playing, he saw the version with the levels adjustment and color balance adjustment.  Changing the angel image to all blue worked!  She didn't have to be white as she could be see-through picking up the colors in front of her.  This is the 4th image you see above.

I continued to play as I felt the halo had gotten lost.  I extracted it and changed the blending mode.  Then I used a brush and added some white wings which are very subtle.  This is the 5th and final image you see that is in my layout.

Do you think it works?  Did this little tutorial help you learn in any way?  I'd love to read your comments or questions below.


Maggie Adair said…
Looking forward to this technique - just going through the classes systematically (kind of) :D
Maggie Adair said…
Looking forward to this technique - just going through the classes systematically (kind of) :D
Altered Amanda said…
Fascinating, Hummie!!
anitab said…
I appreciated this - and the companion layout from Luke 4-1 - thank you for sharing them both in the email today.

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